Component database

Kongsberg Maritime avoids surprises in production

“We now run a product analysis on all new products.”

Components are introduced to and disappear from the market all the time, and availability can vary. That can cause innovation-driven companies such as Kongsberg Maritime to expend resources on redesign at critical points in the production process, plus higher costs and new approval rounds.

Kongsberg Maritime runs analyses to ensure that all components are available and optimised when they are to be used in production, and the analyses performed also help ensure better product quality and predictability. 

“The first time we asked NOCA to perform an analysis was in October 2016, since when we have ordered four more. We now run a production analysis on all new products,” says Section Manager Britt-Marion Føleide of Kongsberg Maritime, who adds that a reduction in risk for the production process is the biggest benefit they gain.

Lifetime analysis

When a customer who wants greater predictability in their production orders a lifetime analysis, NOCA runs a full review of the Bill of Materials (BOM).

The analysis provides such details as estimated lifetime and supplier availability for the components on the list, along with an assessment of the probability of the component disappearing from the market within the next few years.

Check old and new

Among the five component analyses Kongsberg Maritime has had, two of them were on redesigns of older products, whilst three were on totally new products.

“We were advised that three of the components were obsolete on a new product we had analysed. That’s good to know when we are about to go into a new production run,” says Føleide, who also opted to run component analyses on two older products.

Components come and go

Before you even hear that a component is on its way out of the market, the manufacturer has already decided to stop production. For example: a manufacturer can decide to halt production of a processor. 

A complicated process then begins:

  1. The manufacturer updates its own data sheet and perhaps makes an announcement on its website.
  2. Notification is sent to main distributors.
  3. The main distributors relay the information to their distributors.
  4. The distributors finally inform their customers.

If you have not ordered the component in recent years, you often find that the distributors don’t even warn you of it going out of production. The surprise comes the next time you place an order

“Last time buy”

An analysis lets you know whether a component is still on the market, and how long it’s likely to be so. Other components are marked as “Last time buy”, and you can order enough for several production runs in one go, before it is withdrawn. Some components are never recommended for new design, whilst others simply disappear from the market completely. The final option in such instances is expensive stockists and brokers who make a good profit on obsolete components.

Production friendly

NOCA performs a thorough review of the circuit boards, focusing on reducing manual work and ensuring a high degree of producibility.  This applies to the suitability of the product in relation to production processes, quality and price.

Who can use the service?

The service is provided to any customer with products produced by NOCA, or with whom we have agreed phase-in.

Innovative companies who outsource their production to NOCA thereby gain a degree of predictability that is vital for their products to reach the market on time and without unforeseen costs.

NOCA can help

NOCA offers customers a thorough lifetime analysis, drawing information from the first link in the chain – the manufacturer. NOCA also has a procurement team with a widespread international network, able to obtain early warning of changes in production.

NOCA can also offer monitoring of BOMs analysed, to ensure the earliest possible notification of change of status for components.

If you are a NOCA customer and want more predictability for your production,

contact Kristian for this type of service:

Kristian Fossum
Manager, Industrialisation
+47 91 12 14 27