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Nordic Semiconductor drives Noca’s investment

“Noca has acquired machinery for pick-and-place so accurate that it can do smaller form factors than we have yet required,” says Pierre Chênes, Chief System Architect for Wireless Home at Nordic Semiconductor. Chênes is confident that Noca now has capacity for manufacturing even smaller solutions than currently offered.

New machines for inspection and quality assurance

We continue to invest in new technology. The latest addition to our array of machinery is an X-ray machine from Glenbrook Technologies, and an inspection machine for solder paste from Saki.

Component crisis continues – early ordering should be prioritized

The shortage of components can have an effect on everyone.

Record first six months for Noca

Noca AS reports record results for the first quarter of 2017 – and the second quarter looks like being just as good.

Kongsberg Maritime avoids surprises in production

“We now run a product analysis on all new products.”

Complete control of components means profitable, predictable production

Our database of component details gives complete control of production.

NOCA produces heart of fibre optic sensor system

Using miniature fibre optic sensors, Light Structures can inform ship owners of the level and type of stresses hulls are exposed to.

How Noca works with the advanced Light Structures cabinet

A new cabinet from Light Structures has been through most of Noca’s value chain. 

Stronger Noca and Simpro – strategy for continued growth already in place

After Simpro acquired Noca just before Christmas 2014, Noca has gained significant benefits.

From hairdresser to innovator – hairdressers can lower their shoulders

The dryer revolution Dual Air is launching – NOCA has contributed on the way from idea to finished product.

NOCA becomes faster and more flexible

NOCA and the Simpro Group have invested in a totally new production line for SMD assembly.