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Our customers use our services to produce electronics to be integrated into advanced equipment. Some of this equipment is to be used high up in space, others in the depths of the ocean floor. Our products are installed in enormous sub-systems, the world’s most advanced sea vessels, and in satellites orbiting the earth. Other products are for everyday use. Whatever their final destination may be, our products are designed and built to be durable, withstand harsh external conditions, and always be reliable.

We have extensive experience with efficient mass production and base our work on the principles of lean manufacturing and product quality assurance. Our factory is designed to enable a rapid switch from one type of production to another. Our innovative methods and technologies provide the product owner with significant efficiency gains, and, with that, the opportunity to refine their focus on product development and marketing.

Customers choose Noca again and again because we are uniquely located in Norway’s “technology capital” of Trondheim. Our prices are highly competitive, our product quality superior, and we always seek to forge long-term relationships with our customers.


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