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NOCA is staffed with highly qualified personnel on every level of the organisation. Our combination of experience, formal education and skills has made our organisation strong and sustainable.

In a customer survey conducted in the spring of 2010, customers said that Noca can best be characterised as an innovative, future-oriented, environmentally responsible and reliable partner.

Our location in the capital of technology provides us with a continuous supply of new and qualified workers. We also feel very strongly about employee welfare and work continuously to maintain positive enthusiasm and a winning culture within our organisation.

To further strengthen our skills, Noca has entered into several strategic partnerships with various organisations with specific retail expertise that are a natural fit for our service portfolio. For example, all of our employees receive regular training in practical teamwork in close collaboration with Rosenborg Football Club. Our company has grown steadily from 20 employees and a turnover of NOK 23 million in 1995 to a staff of around 50 and sales of NOK 96 million in 2007.