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New machines for inspection and quality assurance

We continue to invest in new technology. The latest addition to our array of machinery is an X-ray machine from Glenbrook Technologies, and an inspection machine for solder paste from Saki.

It’s not long since we invested in a brand new production line, and the new machines will be an excellent supplement when we have to verify the quality of the electronics we produce.

Introducing the new machines:

Glenbrook JewelBox 70T

Glenbrook JewelBox 70T – X-ray machine

This transportable X-ray machine makes it easy to inspect sealed circuits, such as BGA circuits. The machine is mainly used by us to verify the quality of the soldering process. It can also be rented out to customers who need an X-ray machine to inspect their own products.


Saki SPI – solder paste inspection

Saki SPI

A machine used to inspect and verify the paste pressed onto circuit boards. Too much paste can mean short-circuits between the solder and board, and too little causes poor or non-connection. The SPI machine will be part of our new production line. It provides a warning if pressing the paste is in danger of going below the standard we require – allowing us to make rapid corrections to the process and continually monitor it. This is vital when introducing smaller or more advanced component types. 

We provide more information on many of the machines we use on our technology page.

To learn more about the new machines and the opportunities we can offer, please contact:
Terje Rian
Test Engineer