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NOCA Verdikjedemodell 2013 1-Industrialisering

Our industrialisation services are designed to assist our customers in taking their ideas, products and systems from the drawing board to real-life products and systems ready for mass production.

This service encompasses the following:

  • Hardware design and circuit board layout
  • Firmware and driver development
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly analysis
  • Prototype development and production
  • Project management for industrialisation programmes

Noca has extensive experience in the design and development of electronics and knowledge of RF applications.

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We are a design partner for Nordic Semiconductor and have many years of experience with other RF chip manufacturers, such as Atmel and TI.

Noca is a partner in an interdisciplinary cluster of leading service providers, encompassing all stages of the product development process. The aim of this network collaboration is to improve product quality, reduce resource use and depletion, and to optimise production convenience for customers.

As a result, both small and large technology companies have the unique opportunity to take advantage of the interdisciplinary interaction between participants, who together have all necessary expertise for every aspect of the product development process.

Concurrent design
Every project that Noca carries out is based on interdisciplinary collaboration (concurrent design). This collaboration brings together professionals from various disciplines to solve a multidisciplinary problem. The goal is improved quality, reduced resource use and shorter lead time. Noca´s network partners provide unique opportunities for optimal utilisation of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Project management for industrialisation programmes
Noca has extensive experience in managing complex projects and works according to established methods. Some of our project managers are certified in accordance with the PMP (Project Management Institute) protocol. Noca also designates project managers to introduce new products (NPI).

Noca is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Industrial/mechanical design
Noca works together closely with Inventas Trondheim AS one of the leading clusters in industrial design. Inventas provides industrial development and design services based on the best available engineering and design skills. Inventas delivers sketches, 3D models, prototypes, calculations and drawings, and is involved during every step of the process, from concept sketches to the establishment of regular production.

Hardware design
Noca has extensive experience in the design and development of electronics and has expertise in RF-applications. We are a design partner for Nordic Semiconductor  and have experience with other RF chip manufacturers, such as Atmel and TI. Noca has a dedicated hardware department with core expertise in system design, electronics design, PCB layout and component selection in close interaction with the overall development process.

Software design
Noca´s software department has key expertise in C/C + +, embedded Linux, Perl Python for Atmel and ARM 7/9 processors. In addition, Noca has expertise in developing drivers for embedded systems and interfaces for M2M applications. Noca is also certified to use LabView, the leading test application on the market.

Design for manufacturing and assembly analysis
With its 25 years of experience as a producer of advanced electronics, Noca has acquired considerable experience when it comes to the analysis of production through, for example, design reviews, product reviews and reviews of production documents based on LEAN principles.  We call this DFLMA (Design for Lean Manufacturing and Assembly). Noca can also assist in material list compilation, component choice and supplier selection.

Prototype development and production
Noca has a dedicated prototype department with a staff of three. The team works with a Mirae MX110P computer with an IPC capacity of 15,000 components per hour, which can handle components from 0201 up to 18mm x 18mm, with 0.3 med mm pitch. Our prototype department is characterised by fast delivery and high quality awareness.

Type approval
Noca has partnered with Nemko for type approval in order to achieve an enhanced focus on the importance of considering type approval at an early stage of the development process. Nemko has experienced that a large percentage of first-time tests are not approved, which can lead to significant additional costs and delays. This is taken into consideration through Noca´s approach to interdisciplinary interaction.

Noca has a very competent team of buyers to navigate the challenging component market. The team itself is composed of buyers with different backgrounds and education. Together they are able to deliver the most challenging components. Noca buys components from serious and reputable partners with whom we have a long-term relationship, including both regular suppliers and warehouses.