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NOCA Verdikjedemodell-2013 4-Produkttesting

The current trend is more customer-specific function testing using PC interface or custom test fixtures for a specific product. Noca has well-maintained machinery (Oscilloscope, Signal Gen., Spectrum Analyzer, DMM, etc.) for PC/bench testing.

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Noca Tjenester-Produktsammenstilling-CT250MDrEschkeElektronik

CT250M Dr. Eschke Elektronik

High Speed Combinational Tester.
Function Test, In-Circuit test, MDA (manufacturing defects analyzer).

Noca Tjenester-Produktsammenstilling-AOIAOI

We have Orbotech Trion 2340 AOI system for a fast and accurate visual control of large production batches. The machine consist of 13 cameras that take pictures of each component at different angles to ensure that it is positioned and soldered in accordance with IPC or mil standard at any time.

Noca er en XJTAG-godkjent produsent og kan gi Boundary-scan testing ved hjelp av XJRunner.XJTAG Boundary Scan

Noca AS is a XJTAG Enabled Manufacturer and can provide run-time testing using XJRunner.

HP 3065 HX

In-Circuit/Functional Tester (vacuum or pneumatic fixture solution).