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Noca is proud to offer the most flexible and precise surface mount equipment on the market today.

NOCA-New machines

The new placement machines are equipped with double sets of changeover tables and feeders.


Our two ASM Siplace SMT   assembly lines have a total capacity of over 100,000 components per hour (IPC). In addition, the latest SX line can easily be scaled up to accommodate a further 100,000+ components per hour (IPC). This is possible with only a short delay and without the placement program or existing rigging needing to be changed.

This allows prototype production and large series production to be performed using the same equipment and the same database.

ASM Siplace SX with tray for extra large PCB’s.

ASM Siplace SX
Our latest SX machines can handle everything from the world’s smallest 008004 (0201 Metric) component up to large components measuring 100 x 200 mm.

This allows us to be a small step ahead of most customer requirements.

Siplace Pro SoftWare
Siplace Pro SoftWare runs on our ASM machines. With its many options and capabilities, we believe it is the best possible tool we can use to benefit our customers.

Examples of options and capabilities:

All programs can be set up and preparation can be carried out before running the equipment, which means that downtime on the SMT lines is minimal. If necessary, all that can be done offline can also be carried out online.

ASM Siplace SX
Our ASM Siplace SX SMT assembly line provides the most flexible and precise surface mount equipment on the market.

The DEK paste printer on the start of the line, is highly stable and accurate and contributes to fewer mistakes down the line.

The DEK paste printer on the start of the line, is highly stable and accurate and contributes to fewer mistakes down the line.

Our two ASM DEK printing platforms ensure that solder paste is accurately placed on the printed circuit boards. Our latest platform is an ASM DEK Horizon 03ix.

Reflow ovens
Both of our lines have reflow ovens from Heller Industries. Both Heller 1809 EXL and Heller 1707 MKIII ensure that our solders are of a high quality. We also have an IBL SLC 504 Vapour Phase for customers who request it or in special cases. Rather than using convection or IR heat, the vapour phase oven uses a heat transfer liquid with a desired boiling point for the heat transfer. Our KIC Explorer helps us to manage the process and the soldering profiles.

Whilst most soldering is currently done using lead-free solder (SAC 305), there is also the possibility of carry out soldering using lead solder.

After the SMT lines there is a SAKI BF-3Di AOI, which performs an automatic optical inspection. This makes it easier to detect possible errors that would otherwise not be visible.

Kurtz ERSA Versaflow 3
Noca also has a Kurtz ERSA Versaflow 3 selective soldering machine. With a variety of nozzles as well as a lead-based and lead-free solder pot, we are well positioned to meet customer demands for repeated soldering of through-hole components on the most advanced circuit board layouts.

Speedline Electrovert Vectra
Noca has a Speedline Electrovert Vectra wave soldering machine for printed circuit boards that are to be wave soldered.

Nordson Asymtek C-740
For products that require coating, we use a high-efficiency Nordson Asymtek C-740 coating machine (video playlist). With both SC-400 and DV01 jets, the machine can apply several types of coating and has a high repeatable accuracy.

Dopag Micro-Mix
We also have opportunities for 2 component casting with our Micro-Mix from Dopag Group.

In-circuit and functional testing
To ensure the quality of our production, we also offer the possibility of both “in-circuit” and functional testing, if this is desired. This extremely modern equipment is essential in ensuring that our customers receive low cost and high quality production.

Noca and quality
When it comes to quality, Noca is always committed to offering our customers products and services that meet their demands and needs. Our goal is always to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.